Website Analysis
Through the Internet, you have access to a plethora of information. Some of the information is good to excellent, but some of it is biased, inaccurate, or just plain dangerous. How can you tell the good from the bad? For this assignment, you will evaluate the quality of the two nutrition-related websites listed below.

(1) (Links to an external site.)
(2) (Links to an external site.)

For this assignment, you should thoroughly explore these two websites and provide evidence whether or not the information is accurate, reputable, consistent with mainstream science, and unbiased. You should also consider how the information compares with the information in your textbook. You will need to provide a detailed discussion about whether or not these sites are reliable sources for sound nutrition, and you will need to use the specific evaluation criteria listed below to support your position.

For each of these two websites, address each of the following:
• Is this someone's personal project or are there credentialed professionals providing the information? Have the authors published research in any peer-reviewed scientific journals? Is there anything about their credentials or reputation questionable?
• Are the authors or individuals responsible for the website amateurs, or are they affiliated with a reputable, authoritative source/agency (a college or university, a hospital, a government organization)?
• Does the site list properly cited sources so that the reader may look up the original source of information [good] or does the site rely heavily on anecdotes and opinions [not good]?
• Does the site cite scientific research [good] or does it utilize provocative or alarming quotes [not good]?
• Is the site just giving you information [may be good] or is it also trying to sell you a product, plan, or book? [May not be good]
• Does the URL end in .edu or .gov [good], .org [usually good] or in .com [variable] Keep in mind that a ".com" can be good and a ".org" can be unreliable.
• When were these websites last updated?
• Discuss whether or not there is evidence of bias on these websites. Support your conclusion with an example.
• Discuss whether or not the information on the website seems extreme or exaggerated. Support your conclusion with an example.
• Discuss whether or not the information seems consistent with mainstream science, and whether or not it appears to be accurate. Support your conclusion with an example.

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Website Analysis
This paper seeks to analyze two websites, namely, Medline Plus and Shirley’s Wellness Café. The motive of the study is to determine which of the two websites is reliable. Several areas will be assessed for both websites. These will include the credentials of the sources of information, affiliation of the authors, citation of scientific evidence, the URL, updating of information, bias, alignment with mainstream science, and extremity of the content. As it will be shown, Medline Plus is a highly reliable resource while Shirley’s Wellness Café is a website with questionable credibility.
While the Medline Plus website contains information provided by credentialed professionals, the knowledge presented by the Shirley’s Wellness Café page is an individual project owned by Shirley Lipchitz-Robinson. Additionally, the author of the article on Medline Plus website, that is, NIH, has published a series of scientific research projects, which are often posted in peer-reviewed empirical journals. Contrastingly, the information authored by Shirley’s Wellness Café appears predominantly on the website. The credentials of Shirley’s Wellness Café are somewhat questionable because the website does not have an “about us” tab. Therefore, it is impossible to know the expertise of the authors of the content.
The author of the content on the Medline Plus...

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