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Write a short one page, summary on each documentary listed. Include the date that you viewed the DVD. Write bits of your summary as you watch the movie—jot down the important points as you go. Your summary should include: a list of the important points made, description of demonstrations made (if any) and what you found most interesting about the documentary.

Krakatoa (PBS)
In the Path of a Killer Volcano (NOVA, WGBH)
The Hurricane of ’38 (American Experience)
Tsunami: Killer Wave (National Geographic)
Killer Quake! (NOVA)
The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906
Supervolcano (National Geographic) -- online

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The Great San Francisco Earthquake 1906

The video is about San Francisco Earthquake and subsequent terrible fire which claimed about 3000 lives. The great earthquakes occurred due to dynamism of two tectonic plate-The North American plate and the pacific plate grinding into each other, which caused massive vibrations centred on the San Andreas fault line close to the city. This was considered as one of the worst natural disaster in the history of North America which affected about 6 lacs square kilometer area in San Francisco. Subsequently after the earthquake, fore broke out in the city which continued for 3 days and 3 nights which created great devastation .
The quake hits the city of San Francisco on April 18th 1906 in the morning (5 am), but San Francisco was not the only place got affected by quakes ,many people became homeless ,trees uprooted from trunks and in some places ,earth flowed like water. The quake had the impact of 6 million tons of TNT roughly 12000 times the atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima. The crust of the earth had uplifted as much as 21 feet.In many district people had no idea about the amount of damage. The earthquake was so severe that the number of people killed in earthquake was not estimated. Approx. 30 to 80 people were crushed to death inside hotel Valencia.The time when quake striked , many people were sleeping . Those who survived were not given proper treatment because city hospital was also damaged badly....

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