Geologic time term paper

Length: 1.5-2 pages

Information to be included: When did your time period occur? What was Earth like (biology, atmosphere/climate, geography, ocean) at the beginning of your time period? What was it like at the end? What important overall events or trends characterize this time period? Based on this information, what 4 questions will you investigate for your term paper (one each related to the four areas above), and why are they interesting to you?

Sources and Citations: While your textbook may provide you with some basic information about your time period, you will need to dig deeper to find sufficient detail for this assignment.
For the Introduction you may use any relevant and reliable source of information (you need not look to peer-reviewed scientific articles for this portion of the paper).
Natural history museum websites are an excellent place to begin your search.

Include in-text citations with every sentence to note where you learned the information in that sentence (textbook citations are not necessary). All information should be communicated in your own words: Direct quotations are not acceptable, and ideas communicated in your own words still merit in-text citation.
Include a full citation for every source at the end of your document.

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Holocene Stratigraphy

In Stratigraphy, the term Cenozoic was coined by John Phillips for the era that followed Mesozoic in Geological time scale.
The Cenozoic era is considered as the shortest and the most recent phase of Earth’s history having total duration of 70 million years .

This era is generally divided in to two borad division namely tertiary and and Quaternary period but in three fold division the Cenozoic era is divided in to three periods namely PALAEOGENE,NEOGENE and QUATERNARY PERIODS.

Out of the above three, the Quaternary era is the recent most which ranges in age from 1.5 million years to recent.
It comprises of the two main epochs .

The Pleistocene ( 1.5 million years to 11500 my) and Holocene (11500* years till recent age ).
The Holocene epoch is considered as interglacial period as the last Pleistocene epoch is known as age of Glaciation.

Five glacial ages were recorded in the Pleistocene succession namely Biberian, Danubian, Gunjian, Mindelian, Rissian and Wumian. These glacial periods were...
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