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The Long Valley Caldera, near the Sierra Nevada Mountains exploded about 700,000 years ago and produced a huge volcanic ash flow called the Bishop Tuff. About 30km to the northwest lies Mono Lake, with an island in the middle and a string of craters extending south from its shore. Hot springs and tufa deposits can be found along the lake. Explain the origin of Mono Lake. Do you think that it represents a volcanic hazard?

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Long valley lake is a caldera which has been formed during the volcanic eruption approx 0.7 million years ago originated by the gravitational collapse of a part of the volcano following the evacuation or withdrawal of magma from the underlying storage chamber. 25 km in the north western side of caldera lies the Mono lake and there is a chain of caldera between Mono lake and Long valley caldera called Mono-Iyno chain. This whole system comes under Long valley volcanic field called Mono crater zone is part of an active ridge transtentional zone at Seirra Nevada Basin and Range Transition zone. The Mono iyno chain consist of 28 domes and associated several explosive craters and ejecta rings. Mono lake which is a part of Mono-Iyno chain and after the collapse of Long Valley caldera, rhyolite continued to erupt as domes and tephra on the caldera floor, creating the early rhyolite formation between 700000 to 100000 years....

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