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Q1: Briefly summarize in your own words the geologic history of the area as interpreted from the sequence of rock units,structures, and other features in the area GEOLOGIC CROSS SECTIONS OF PAPAGO PARK PEDIMENT TEMPE QUADRANGLE, MARICOPA COUNTY, ARIZONA -33°30' Troy L. Pewe Cathy S. Wellendorf James T. Bales Phoenix Department of Geology Arizona State University 1986 Prepared in cooperation with the cities of Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, and the Arizona State Land Department INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT EXPLANATION Papago upthrown fault block which hasbeen rigina surface SALT RIVER GRAVEL Moderately well stratified ocally and grave bedding parallel ano This deposit accumunated response alluviun volcanir roeks nentary ped GREENSTONE -bleck highly altered end frectured fine-greined rock tributary streams calichified deposits, no caliche Qsgm million (cross strongly caliche. thicknees even older for tobe reduced nearly formed above it crystals GEOLOGIC HISTORY EXTREMELY pecg Arizona INE The produced Phoeni McDownall with metasedir meterh TOVREA plutons faund million quertz, Granne.: p€tg ISE Usery Mauntains are intruded t basalt rocks Some tense deposition.o Granite were toin nid-Tertiery METARHYOLITE grad During rapid uplift abriar rocks resulted Qfg gravel, porphyritic layered with including siltstones Early mid-Tertiary volcanic greenston eruptions Camels As the highlands rose, allunial mountain front, and coarse, ingular debris, nulated ment. y a local variation in the Qsc tatus landslides, Braccia deposita TIME RELATION OF MAP UNITS were interbedder deans sorting -Tan, and Distal facies red beds. 1979). Scarborough Camels Formation 2 McDowell, have million years Scarborough, 1981). from occurred during the last haracterized Qse the thinnin y tited to present position 145°SW TEMPE BEDS pebbly necessery explain repetition rock and younger rocka dipping toward older ones (see bads existenca suc faults are upsection observable ha rotation the bedding locality Carnels Formatio north side with this tional support The buried the - orientation and 52nd Street Atkinson end Hay (1983) It too is interpreted CAMEL to be Papego Pediment o the east and west the depth to and others, bedroc Butte, Buttes, Erosion other Tep than 10,000 feet basins SELECTED REFERENCES Tempe Arizona Atkinson, D. E and Hay, M., 1983, Motorola Chemical Leak Project, Section 2 Stadium massive arkosic Arizona, breccia p€tg slightly the McDowel ofer. stadium Geplagie Papago 9, TIN 8.4 E). Cordy, rangle folio mapr Barnes Butte arkosic Cordy, Phoenix Section volume 1e number 3 Damon Basir PéwA University Arizona Press 175-205. (NE 1/4 NW Drosendahl J.K., 1987 geology Districa 1/4 Master Reynolds s.J., 1985. Geology Geology and Mineral Technology, Scarborough, 1981, and number 6-10. Scarborough Schulten, ungublishsd Speering, 1974, posits, sheet Stuckless, nthe Precam- Contact Hill Barnes Butte Hole the Rock Phoenix SE% Sec. TIN., R4E. (Photograph Nos. 4881, 4882, and 4884, T.L Péwé, Dec. 1985.) o/ view). (Photogruph GEOLOGIC CROSS SECTIONS For location cross sections see Mac GI-2-B A C 300 B 1300 VERTICAL EXAGGERATION 2IMES SCALE p€m Elevation feet Tebb 1000. 1000 .5 1 KILOMETER off course TCD Tobb o MILE 700 700 D F K L 160 E 1300 1300 Salt Osc Modern Salt River Channel 1000 1000 700. 700 700. M o 600 1600 N G J 1300 1,1300 1300. National Guard 1300 Qpe 1000 1000, 1000 700 700 700

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The oldest unit in the area is “pCmr”, a metarhyolite. Sometime during the Precambrian, an explosive, continental (granitic composition) volcano erupted, depositing both rhyolite lava flows and ash deposits. After the rhyolite was formed it was subsequently buried and heated by mountain-building processes to the point that it was metamorphosed to a low grade (or relatively low temperatures and pressures), also during the Precambrian. Pumice inclusions in the metarhyolite...

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