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The Hawaiian Hot spot.

Write a Scientific paper 6-10 pages

Introduction: talk about location, size, number of islands, for how long its been there

Origin: how these hot spot formed originally (geologically). structural setting and volcanism

discussion: process of creating hot spots and how each Hawaiian island formed, using hotspot to study contentment movement.

Hazards: earthquakes and volcanism.

conclusion: summarize discussion and how we can protect from volcanic and earthquake hazards.

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Hawaiian Volcanism

1. Magma - Introduction

The magma is a natural rock fluid existing underneath the crust of the earth , which may solidify through various processes and give rise to ‘igneous rocks’.
The magma,when erupted on the surface of the earth, it is known as ‘Lava’, . This form of magma consolidates on the surface to form volcanic rocks.

1.1. Composition - Magma is constituted by all the three form of solid, fluids and dissolved gases in solution form.
The material is basically hot silicate melts containing highly reactive fluids like Hydrochloric acids and Hydrofluoric Acids and gases in varying amounts and large amount of waters.
The composition of magma varies from place to place but the composition follows an optimal level .In terms of oxides , Sio2 is the most abundant (59 %) followed by Fe2O3 (3%), CaO (5%),MgO (3.5%), H2O (1%),P2O5 (0.3 %), Co2 (0.1%), Al2O3(15%), FeO (3.5 % ), Na2O (3.8 %), K2O (3%), TiO2 (1%) and MnO (0.1 % ).

When we consider the elemental form, Oxygen is the most abundant constituents of magma followed by Silicon, Aluminium,Iron, Calcium,Sodium,Potassium, magnesium,Titanium etc.
There are three principal mechanisms through igneous rocks are related to each others – Differentiation, Assimilation and magmatic Mixing .
Differentiation is a process through which a single homogenous magma may give rise to igneous...

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