Alfred Wegener’s Life and Continental Drift Hypothesis (680 words)

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Write a paper about Alfred Wegener and his research into Continental Drift hypothesis.
In your own words, summarize Wegener’s life, research and difficulties in getting his ideas accepted in his day.
Why did his hypothesis encounter such harsh criticism?
What were the main objections to his hypothesis?
Why did he use fossil organisms like Glossopteris and Mesosaurus instead of fossil sharks or jellyfish?

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Alfred Wegener became a revolutionary scientist not only due to his theory of continental drift. He was one of the first scientists to transcend the specialists who focused on only one discipline. Wegener was actually a meteorologist by trade who noticed that the shapes of South America and Africa fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and attempted to determine whether other continents had the same characteristics (Zhao et al., 2004). Continental drift, the idea that continents were able to move away and towards each other over millions of years was initially laughed off as junk science because he was not a geologist....

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