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Geology Book Review: Principles and Practices of Modern Coal Mining

What new information surprised you?
What point did the author make that you agree/disagree with?
What are the reasons for your agreement/disagreement?
What did you learn that might change the way you think about this topic?
What meanings did you make for yourself as you read the book?
Would you recommend the book to another person, and why? Or why not?

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Despite a slow phase out in favor of alternative, cleaner energies, coal mining is still one of the most important methods to extract energy resources in the world. R.D. Singh’s book on the practices of modern coal mining was a long, but surprising read about how coal mines operate and the vitality of the coal mining industry. One of the most interesting aspects of the book is that it is not written from an American perspective. Singh views coal mining as a worldwide industry that powers developing countries, even though coal has fallen out of favor in the United States due to its propensity to produce greenhouse gases when burned...

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