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View the graph in the website at and the current CO2 concentration at
Think about these graphs in terms of global warming.

Compare current CO2 levels to the highest concentrations from the past 450,000 years. Based on these websites, and your own research answer the following questions:

1.What is the current CO2 concentration in parts per million (ppm)?
2.Is this higher or lower than the highs over the past 450,000 years?
3.From what three sources do humans add CO2 to the atmosphere?
4.What two sources take CO2 out of the atmosphere?
5.How does deforestation contribute to the global warming process?
6.In your opinion, are humans contributing to global warming, or is it just a natural part of the cycle?
Defend your answer to question #6. (There is no right or wrong response to this last question; you will be judged on how well you present your argument.)

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Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are currently of great concern because studies have shown that higher CO2 levels produce a climate that is unsuitable for humans in the tropics and uncomfortable in the middle latitudes. According to the Mauna Loa Observatory, the average carbon dioxide concentration recorded during July 2013 was a record 397.23 parts per million (CO2 Now, 2013). This reading is the highest CO2 concentration ever recorded in July. In May 2013, the CO2 concentration surpassed the 400 ppm mark, which scientists believe is the highest level present in the last 450,000 years (“CO2 and Temperature Change,” 2013)....

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