There are 2 parts to this assignment:

First, in your own words, describe the hydrologic cycle and apply it to where you live.

Second, choose either a glacial landscape or a desert landscape, and in your own words, describe how it forms as well as the landscape features found in it.

Be sure your paper is 2-3 pages long, cites credible sources, answers all questions with complete sentences and paragraphs, and follows CSU-Global’s guidelines for writing and APA style.

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There is a continuous movement of water from the oceans to the atmosphere ,from the atmosphere to the land and from the land back again to the sea. This unending circulation of the earth’s water is known as the Hydrologic Cycle or Water Cycle. It is a gigantic system powered by energy from the sun. The water that falls on the continents must ultimately make its way back to the ocean . It is this water which is responsible for the wearing down of the earth’s land surface .Water, flowing down to the sea over the face of...

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