This culminating activity is designed to help you develop a presentation or project that teaches character through the curriculum.

Develop a presentation that encourages ethical reflection. This may be in the form of a web page, a videography (no longer than 10 minutes) a poster, a brochure, a song, a poem or any other instructor-approved medium.

First, select one of the following content areas: Math

After selecting a content area, design a presentation or project that will help your students develop the cognitive side of character by:

Raising moral awareness;

Creating an understanding of virtues and how to apply them in concrete situations;

Helping them to take the perspective of others;

Helping them to reason morally (why are some things right and others wrong?);

Helping them make thoughtful moral decisions (the virtue of prudence); and

Helping them to create self-knowledge, including the capacity for self-criticism (the virtue of humility).

Project example ideas:

A video presentation for a science classroom that is designed to teach students how to use character to accomplish tasks through teamwork.

A PowerPoint presentation for a language arts classroom that illustrates how a particular piece of literature incorporates character and how this can be analyzed in a literature study.

At the end of your presentation, include a Final Project Summary Statement that addresses the following:

What are my core personal values, those virtues and elements of character that make me who I am?

What are my personal strengths as a moral model? More specifically, what moral awareness, feeling or action do I bring to the classroom or workplace? My home?

Who am I as a future role model or educational leader?

Finally end your statement by addressing the future. You are still ad interim (in process), you will always develop, so look to the future:

What’s next? Now that you know about character, moral and values, what skills might still remain to be refined or added, what might you want to explore more in the arena of moral leadership?

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Character Development Project (10 slides)
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