The nature vs. nurture concept is an impossible dichotomy where the influences are so closely intertwined and interdependent that they cannot be separated; biology cannot exist outside the context of environment. However, discussing theory as it applies to the nature versus nurture argument helps to put the theories into perspective. Write a three-page, scholarly paper using APA formatting guidelines:

Discuss your position on the Nature versus Nurture argument, that is: where nature ends and nurture begins, using Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson, Kohlberg, Gilligan, Jensen, or Gladwell, as well as your own personal experiences to substantiate your perspective on the roles of both nature and nurture. You are required to use at least three of the aforementioned theorists in your examples.

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The nature verses nurture argument has been a long standing controversy within the worlds of psychology, social science and academia. Nature is representative of what biology and birth brings to the table in the overall development of an individual as it relates to human growth and development (Lynch, 2013). Nurture on the other hand is representative of an individual’s environment and his or her social/psychological adjustment(s) to the cumulative interaction(s) to that said environment. The quality of the said interactions strongly impact human growth and ...
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