Theories of Teaching and Learning Final Project Topics
Write a paper on the following topic: Effective Inclusion Instruction For The Exceptional Education Student.

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There was a time historically as evidenced by the review of literature that the inclusion of regular education students with their non-disabled peers was not a comprehendible ideology or thought. Inclusion today, however goes above and beyond passive participation as current mandates are insisted without compromise, that exceptional learners are to experience an authentic learning experience at grade level expectation (Rogers, 1993). “Inclusion is a term used to refer to the commitment to educate each child to the maximum extent appropriate, in a school or classroom that he or she would otherwise attend had they not been a exceptional student” (Karlsson, 2009). The act of inclusion at its highest level involves bringing the support services to the child, rather than moving the child to the services (Rogers, 1993). The inclusion revolution is not a new phenomenon as it has been around for many years, however it is the fidelity of implementation that is often compromised in the study and observation of various learning communities (Karlsson, 2009). It is the goal...
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