What is “Community” as it Relates to the Teaching and Learning Process? (385 words)

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In two to three paragraphs, write your reflective thoughts in response to the following questions.

What is a community – are you looking / thinking outside of the four walls of your classroom?

If you are currently teaching, what is the makeup of your classroom community?

If you are currently teaching, who are the learners?

How does a community affect the learners within it?

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Community can be defined in many different ways, however within the “context” of teaching and learning, “community” can and should be defined as the sum total of stakeholders who make up a given learning community. Within a learning community student achievement is and should be central, so it is imperative that each and every stakeholder takes a part in the endeavor to prepare our most precious commodity, that being the student for the rigor and challenges of college, career and life. A school setting consist of two types of stakeholders which include both an internal and an external audience. ...
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