How are equity and equality dealt with differently in your district, school, and classroom?

From Chapter 5, p. 69 (Rodriguez), The mediator must intentionally make “sure that students are in a position to take advantage of understanding the meanings.” Given the differences in students’ backgrounds in your classroom, how do you ensure that students are able to make sense of a concept?”

Teachers are less likely to call on perceived low achievers and, when they do call on these perceived low achievers, they are more likely ask easier questions. (TESA strategy of equitable distribution). How do you help all students “develop a deep understanding” of concepts and move from “coverage of material to uncoverage of knowledge?” (P. 81)

Required Studies

Read from textbook: What is it about me you can’t teach?: An instructional guide for the urban educator
Chapters 4 and 5

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One of the best ways to insure that all students are able to benefit from comprehensible inputs is to utilize multiple learning modalities throughout the planning and implementation phases of the lesson of record. Additionally, it is also very important that “prior knowledge” be activated in the introduction of the lesson, this is a best practice that is very effective in ...
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