Community of Learners Unit Plan
Select a unit you currently teach or one that you are planning to teach. This unit will need to embrace teaching a true community of learners and you will include the following:
differentiated instruction
multicultural perspectives
learning needs
learning styles
socioeconomic status.

Required components
Title Page:
Grade Level
Topic/Unit/Theme Title

Description of the unit of study:
Brief Description, State and Federal standards
Outline of Lessons (Titles only; you don’t have to write complete lessons)
Integrated Components and descriptions (from your text):

Mediation of Intentionality and Reciprocity
Give two or three specific examples on how you will use Checking for Prior Knowledge, Structuring the Task, Looking Back and Reflecting, and Bridging Forward

Mediation of Meaning
Give two or three examples of KWL activities you will use to mediate meaning
Give specific examples of how you plan on using the thinking processes of prediction, inquiry, and connecting the world to academics

Mediation of Transcendence
Give two specific examples of how you will provide for higher-order goals and purposes

Mediation of Competence
Give specific strategies/activities you will use to incorporate the TESA strategies

Mediation of Sharing Behavior
Describe 3 activities (pgs 136-139) that you will use in your unit

Mediation of Individuation
Give at least one activity for each intelligence

Mediation of Goal Planning
Describe your goal planning lesson.

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My Lesson Plan entitled “Community of Learners” was near and dear to me as it was a lesson which embraced 21rst Standards and allowed for authentic engagement both for the students as well as I. Students learn best when they are privy to an experience that is authentic, relevant, at grade level expectation and filled with rigor (Rodriguez, 2006). It must also be remembered that school is a miniature of society, so when kids go out into their global communities they must be armed and equipped with essential skills that will insure success. Content, skill acquisition and knowledge-base are very important but at the end of the day students must be able to make real world connections to the world in which they live (Rodriguez, 2006). As an educator it is my position that if a lesson does not embrace these elements that the teacher of record has not designed a lesson in concert...
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