Clearly articulate an argument on whether 21st Century learning skills should (or should not) be the model of effective instruction. Use all of the following methods to support your argument.

Research a new, or chosen form of technology, you might use in your classroom (e.g., Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Google Sites, Google Drive, Picasa, Prezi, Webpage, or other approved medium) and prepare a 2-3 paragraph statement that makes a case for using one methodology, or a combination of both, in order to ensure student learning.

Compare and contrast elements of 21st century learning with a traditional approach to teaching fundamentals.

Demonstrate each side of the argument using your new or chosen technology (Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Google Sites, Google Drive, Picasa, Prezi, Webpage, or other approved medium) to teach a content area.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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My 21rst Century Technology of choice would be to collaboratively build a webpage for my class and to actively engage students in the process. The website of record would be comprehensive in that it would be a one shop stop wherein students would be able to access any and all resources that they need in order to totally complete assignments and to expand their teaching and learning experience by completing supplementary material on the website to assist in the current academic standards and ...

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