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The majority of U.S. states have begun the process to implement Common Core State Standards into their public schools. What is the consequence for the students and teachers in the states that have not yet adopted Common Core State Standards? How do you believe these new standards will influence your teaching and learning in your classroom? If you are not teaching in a classroom, or in a state where the Common Core State Standards have been adopted, how do you feel these standards will influence America’s schools? How would you (or how have you already) merge instructional methods, Common Core, and Accountability into your curriculum?

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The Common Core Standards Revolution is here to stay. Most states have adopted the standards! Some states have started and stopped! Some states have never supported the proposed national educational reform. However, the amount of states that have accepted Common Core Standards and who are satisfied with the observations of growth and development in the domain of student achievement is growing by the day (CCSS, 2010). The Common Core Standards are very rigorous and many states are not willing to equip teachers with the professional ...
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