Reflect on and compose an analysis of your perspectives in response to the following questions:
• What is your view of the zero tolerance policy?
• Have we taken this policy too far?
• Where would you draw the line?
• What are your options as a teacher?
• How has the zero tolerance policy changed since its original implementation? What are the benefits? Drawbacks?
• How does the zero tolerance policy work at your school?
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

APA format with Citation Page.

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“Zero Tolerance” is or should be an oxymoron in the “world of education”, particularly when dealing with Elementary and Middle Grade Learners. This critical time period developmentally is a period of storm and stress for young people and it is during this time period wherein young people can’t get enough direction and facilitation as they prepare for young adulthood. The school of record should have discretion in each individual situation to determine the appropriate discipline in matters which ...
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