Philosophy Essay

You have spent the past five weeks studying contemporary issues in education. Now that this course is ending, articulate, in a scholarly essay, your personal philosophy of education. This essay should present your personal beliefs about teaching, learning, students, and what the most important issues are in education. This is an opportunity for you to state what you believe to be right and true about current education issues, trends, and educational practices, and how that impacts your role as a teacher or administrator. It is also a reflective piece, providing insights into your constantly developing educational perspective.

Support assertions and declarative statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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Learning Philosophy as Instructional Leader

It takes true transformative leadership to create a highly effective learning community and it is the instructional leader to whom this very important process begins and ends with. All educators are instructional leaders. The vision and mission of the respective learning community must be clear, concise, and it must be able to be articulated on demand. Evidences of the school’s vision and mission must be evident in the building and each and every effort must be a deliberate, authentic and an intentional pathway, which ultimately leads to student achievement. Espoused theories as well as hopes and expectations are all empty and mere words, unless they are being executed with both fidelity and intentionality. Then the critical question must be; what is it that I am doing within the walls of my learning community to ensure excellence for each child every day?   In concert with my conceptual understanding of “deliberate practice”,...

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