Discuss how language impacts numbers processing for children in the United States. If you teach pre-K through 8, how do you address this (or plan to address this) in your classroom? Provide your own strategies for helping children see, for example, that factors are “number friends” or numbers love to play (i.e., Rapid Math Tricks and Tips). Include Table 4.2 (p. 88)

If you teach in a high school or college setting, how does the impact of language on number processing affect students in your classes? If students come to you lacking number processing skills, how will you help them acquire these necessary skills?

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Many educators would take a leap and say that Math is a universal language. There is some truth to this statement however the processes, algorithms, methods and strategies, which are utilized internationally are far from universal. The step by step processes which belong to “the world of math” are just as important as the bottom line (the answer). Even though the actual ...
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