Write a paper about Communication modes for individuals with hearing loss.

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Deafness and Hearing Impairment are extreme in their impact, as they not only affect the child who is deaf or has hearing loss, but the child’s teachers, friends and family are also directly and indirectly impacted and a value-added educational plan for such a student should be responsive to both the nature and needs of the individual student on both an academic and personal level (Humphries and Padden, 2006). Early screening and detection is very important to the efficacy and well-being of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing student and is one of the greatest indicators of success in the treatment process (Hull, 2001). The health professionals involved in the screening and early detection of hearing loss of your child, include but is not limited to: the Audiologist, the Pediatrician and the Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor) (Humphries and Padden, 2006). The said team is also referred to as the Multidisciplinary Team and this comprehensive team of practitioners are responsible for crafting a plan to maximize learning for the exceptional student and to improve the student’s quality of life and to work around the deficits as presented by the respective exceptionality. Two of the most prominent methods of detecting deafness and hearing loss is an assessment called the Auditory Brain Response (ABR) and the Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions test (EOAE) (Flexer and Madell, 2008). ABR assesses and examines the brain’s electrical response to sound, to determine the functionality of the ear as well as the level or intensity of damage (Flexer and Madell, 2008). EOAE assesses the stimulation of the ear when sounds at various pitches and tempos are being made (Flexer and Madell, 2008). Early Intervention is one of the most positive ingredients as it relates the efficacy and well-being of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing child, however many children go undetected until...
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