Choose a topic that centers on children literature. An example could be Censorship on Children Literature. The paper should be 6 pages long. You must use at least 3 secondary sources for this paper. Include a work cited page. You must use MLA format. Internet citation should be used as an additional source.

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It is very important that children are given exposure to multicultural literature and given the opportunity to share the heritage and values of other ethnic and racial groups in their development of multicultural awareness and appreciation (Holmes, 1995). At an early age this gives young people the opportunity to diminish preconceived notions and negative attitudes which are fostered at an early age both purposefully and inadvertently (Katz, 1982). In review of the literature the gaps rest in both the quality of existing literature as well as quantity of multicultural literature written by minority writers. The reality is that there is an under-representation of minority authors as well as main characters in children’s literature. There are many benefits associated with multicultural children’s literature and it important the gaps of quality literature for children be filled by author’s who not only have an story to tell, but who have stories to tell which are embedded and directly connected to the cultural ties in which the writers share with their given cultures and backgrounds.
The interplay and text send meaningful messages to children when they are directly impacted by the deep connections that authors have with their cultures of record and the passion that they have for being a part of such great ethnic backgrounds (Jacob and Tunnel, 2004). Many would consider such a connection as ethnocentrism, although the individual would have to be somewhat right in...
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