Select a student to interview. This student can be a child or an adult. Use the Diagnostic Interview: Assessing for Understanding tool to assess the student’s van Hiele level.

After completing the interview, answer the following questions:
• Which geometric concept did you choose?
• Which task(s) did you choose to demonstrate and/or explain the concept?
• Based on the student’s work, at which van Hiele level is the student preforming?
◦ How do you know? Use the text and the student’s work to support your answer.
• What next steps would you take to assist the student with the concept and potentially move to the next van Hiele level?
• What are some of the challenges and benefits of completing this activity in a mathematics classroom?

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Student learners will find angle relationships, such as vertical angels, linear pairs, complimentary planes and supplementary angles. The said task will assist student learners in understanding and deepening their knowledge of the various geometrical relationships shared between angles....
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