For the following visual, list three items you see and support what you see in a convincing argument for your fellow classmates.

In addition to your list of three items with your arguments, answer the following questions:
Why is this activity valuable?
How does this activity address the Common Core State Standards (or your state standards)?
How can you take your students answers (whether they are based on personal experiences or based on mathematical experiences) and incorporate them into the lesson?
How would you use their answers to incorporate mathematical language? Feel free to give examples.
What are some other ways that you could incorporate multiple representations, and the use of mathematical language, in a math classroom?

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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Creating a Language Rich Classroom was once a prevalent concern for Second Language Learners, but with the complexities of today’s world along with the emergence of Common Core and the national commitment and campaign to make college and career readiness a reality for all, made creating a language rich classroom become a necessity for all learners, even though it is doubly important for Second Language Learners for the effective instruction of both content and language acquisition simultaneously (Leinwand, 2009). Above and beyond dealing ...
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