From the readings in text Accessible Mathematics (Leinwand, 2009), instructional shifts 1 and 2, discuss the importance of cumulative review and the adaptations of reading strategies into mathematics instruction with a specific focus on dealing with student homework. Respond to the following in two to three pages:

Part 1: Reflect on the value of homework.
What is your opinion on math homework?
Do you agree with the author on what math homework should or should not be?
Do you think the author’s homework rules apply to children and adult learners?

Part 2: Design a valuable homework assignment.

Whether your opinion supported or opposed homework, if you were going to assign homework, and the class was working on either a unit for perimeter and area or a unit on spatial geometry (coordinate graphing and transformations), what would your homework assignment look like and how would you incorporate it into instruction for your students for the following day?

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Math instruction can meet the needs of all student learners, if instruction is comprehensible and considers the learning profiles of all student learners (Leinwand, 2009). Leinwand (2009) provides a total of ten instructional shifts, which assist the value-added educator in meeting the needs of all student learners in providing a differentiated model of curriculum and instruction that is all-inclusive and taught at or above grade level expectation. Two of the most important shifts as asserted by Leinwand (2009) is the importance of ...
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