Integrate what you have learned into one comprehensive plan for raising geometry and measurement achievement in your own classroom. Specifically, your plan will include:
In Figure 19.2 on page 377 of our Van de Walle text (2013), a recommended sequence of instruction for measurement is provided.
Reflect on your measurement instruction and the Common Core State Standards (or your state math standards).
How will you incorporate this sequence into your own classroom instruction?
Examine “The van Hiele Levels of Geometric Thought” (see Figure 20.1 and pages 403-406) from text Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally (Van de Walle, Karp, & Bay-Williams, 2013).
How will the van Hiele levels of geometric thought inform your planning and teaching of geometry concepts?
Leinwand (2009) discussed ten instructional shifts to increase student achievement in Accessible Mathematics.
Choose three instructional shifts that you would like to incorporate into your classroom.
Why did you choose these three specific shifts?
How will you implement these shifts effectively into your own classroom? Give specific examples.

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A Comprehensive Math Plan is vital in ensuring that all of the academic targets as described in the instructional focus calendar and/or school improvement plan, as they relate to Math proficiency are a part of the teaching and learning process and that they are taught with fidelity and competence. The instructional plan should include multiple ingredients as meeting the needs of student learning and making certain that rigorous educational standards are met takes strategic planning and thought and the said efforts should lean on the intellectual muscle of ...
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