Once you have read The Black Snowman, by Phil Mendez, discuss the following:

• Give a brief summary of the book.
• Which mathematical concepts are discussed in this book? Give specific examples.
• How would you incorporate this book into a math lesson? Be specific.
• What types of questions would you ask when incorporating this book into the lesson?
• What supporting resources would you include with the lesson?
• Was the book entertaining as well as educational?
• Who would you recommend this book to (i.e., grade level audience, kindergarten teachers, middle school teachers)?
• What are the benefits for incorporating literature into a mathematics classroom?
Be sure to reference the book you selected at the end of your paper.

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The Black Snowman, by Phil Mendez is an exceptional multicultural work about an African American male who struggles tremendously with the plight of his family and their struggle to maintain economically (Mendez, 1994). Christmas time is coming and Johnny does not have the monies to purchase his mom a Christmas gift as the family struggles financially. Johnny solicits the assistance of his brother to go with him to collect aluminum cans in order to raise monies for his mom’s well deserved Christmas gift. His older brother denies his request, so ...

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