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Part 1: Data Exercise Review the data set below and answer the analysis questions. Unit 1 Student Performance Data 1st day Benchmark Benchmark assessment Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Final Unit Assessment Students Aug 1 (Aug 17) (Aug 31) (Sept 7) All Unit 1 stendards assessed on 1st Final Unit day of school to Assessment Last First gouge students Standard Standard Standard Standard overall Name Name knowerge 1 2 1 2 score Alexander Craig 55 92 92 95 85 90 Ball Andrew 92 87 85 84 83 84 Cole Earl 40 55 35 55 80 68 Cobb William 3 35 1 55 2 29 Collier Calvin 44 94 85 91 80 86 Dawson Gilbert 77 97 85 96 81 89 Harris Shaun 31 80 85 81 85 83 Heath Brandon 49 72 77 70 80 75 Hill Ashley 88 68 50 48 4 26 Hill Brian 61 95 55 96 80 88 Holland Tammy 65 53 84 83 82 83 Houston Larry 21 55 81 55 80 68 Class Averages 52 74 68 76 69 72 Question 2: Imagine that you are the teacher of the class above. You just completed your first unit and are now reviewing your unit assessment data. You are disappointed that your class average on the final unit assessment fell below 80% mastery. Please analyze the data and answer the following: Based on the data, why do you think your class fell short of your goal? What could you as the teacher have done differently prior to the final unit assessment to ensure that your students were successful in reaching at least 80% mastery? Please include the names of specific students and their performance on the standards in your response. Question 3: Nine of your 12 students are on free or reduced lunch and entered the year performing significantly behind their peers. Given this information, how satisfied are you with the results listed above? How would this information affect your classroom goals for the next assessment? Question 4: If you were the teacher, what would your immediate next steps be following the final unit assessment to ensure that your students meet your expectations on these standards? Please name specific students and standards in your response. You may record your response in a bulleted list. Part 2: Essay Question: Fort Worth ISD's vision is Igniting in every child a passion for learning. As a Fort Worth ISD educator, your classroom environment will consist of a diverse student body in which students come from many different backgrounds. If hired, please explain how you would ensure academic success by making Fort Worth's vision true for all of your students. What challenges do you expect to face? What experiences have prepared you for those challenges?

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2. In review of the assessment data on the Final Unit, my aggregate student performance was at 72%, which is below the overall mastery target of (85%) by 13%. In the close review and examination of the data, it is clear that Earl, William and Ashley struggled throughout the implementation of the unit and appropriate remedial adjustments and/or interventions should have been made ongoing instead of post implementation. Larry struggled with Standard I, but demonstrated much better performance on Standard II. Larry could have utilized an extended learning opportunity on Standard I or have been grouped with other high functioning students...
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