Review your strengths using LiteracyWorks and take the multiple intelligences online survey.
After taking the survey, create a modified survey to give to your own students. Be sure to write the survey in student-friendly language and to make the length appropriate for the grade level you teach. At the end of your modified student-friendly survey, add your personal answers to the following:
• What are your strengths?
• How do you ensure that you teach to all the different multiple intelligences in your own classroom? Give specific examples for each “intelligence.”

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I would like to think of myself as being eclectic as it relates to the Multiple Intelligences, however the multiple intelligence in which I identify with most readily is Mathematical- Sequential. This is an attribute that is an asset to the Math educator, but is not the only learning style which is exclusive to the teaching and learning of Mathematics. As for the 21rst century classroom, one must make certain that all individual learning styles are entertained at every ...

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