Access the online PD Toolkit and complete the Student Interview Attitudes and Environment with one student in your class or a student you know. After completing the interview, summarize your findings in two to three paragraphs considering the following:
• What is your student’s general attitude towards math?
Did this surprise you? Why or why not?
• If the student has a negative attitude towards math, how do you (or would you) plan to support the student in order to improve his/her attitude?
• If the student has a positive attitude towards math, how do you (or would you) plan to support the student to maintain his/her attitude?
• Do you think the student’s attitude indicative of many of the students’ attitudes in your class?
If not, how do most of the students in your class feel about math?

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The teaching and learning process is multi-dimension by nature. One of the most effective ingredients of the teaching and learning process is the “affective dimension”. The affective domain of the classroom has all to do with how students are made to FEEL within their respective learning communities (Van de Walle and Bay-Williams, 2013). When students feel a sense of belonging and the psychological barriers which inhibit teaching and learning are eliminated, our young ...
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