Part 1
After reading Chapter 5 of our Van de Walle, J. A., Karp, K. S., and Bay-Williams, J. M. (2013) text, respond to the following questions:
• What types of assessments do you currently use? Give specific examples and explain how you use them.
• If you are not currently in a classroom, what types of assessments have you used or might you have used?
• After reading our text, what assessments would you like to use that you have not used before?
• How would you incorporate them into your classroom?
• When and how will you grade your assessments?

Part 2 - A deeper look into problem-based assessment
Access the online PDToolkit and choose one assessment task (Grocery Store, Bolts and Nuts, or Magic Age Rings) to analyze. Once you have analyzed the task, respond to the following:
• Summarize the assessment task.
• How do you see yourself using an assessment task like this in your own classroom?
• How would you modify this assessment task to meet the learning needs of your students?

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Currently in my classroom I utilize Common Assessments developed by my district to assess student readiness of the topic, student progress and cumulative mastery of the learning standards being taught. The common assessment is very important as it allows the teacher to gauge teaching and learning from start to finish. When students are not mastering the topic, I also utilize the results from the examination and review of the Common Assessment data to inform instruction. The review and examination of results might even have cause me to reteach a ...
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