After reading Chapter 6 of our Van de Walle et. al. (2013) text, respond to the following questions:
• What strategies do you use in your classroom to teach all students?
• What new strategies do you plan to use in your classroom?
• How will you build resilience in your students while reducing their resistance?
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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In order to reach all learners in my classroom I make certain that the affective dimensions in my classroom are in order and in operation. In order to assist struggling learners in taking the leap to a level of proficiency, the psychological barriers which stifle teaching and learning must be eliminated (Montgomery, 2014). This is done by creating a sense of belonging and by preparing content and instruction that is grounded in best practice. Innovative pedagogy is truly a must in effective Math instruction, but one must also be strong in his or her content area in order to make ...

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