Find a minimum of three podcasts that relate to the concepts you teach in your math classroom(Note: A podcast is any digital media [audio or video] on the web. It does not have to be just a digital audio. It may use both video and audio tracks.)
Post the web address and the following:
• A brief summary of each podcast
• How the podcast will be helpful in a math classroom
• The grade level it addresses
• Include an explanation of how you can use podcasts in your own classroom
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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Math for Primates Podcast/ -is and exceptional resource as the hook of this venue is to utilize explicit instruction and explanation to explain math concepts that anyone can understand. Explicit instructional and explanation in Mathematics is vital and it is also a great resource for pushing individual ownership as kids can listen to the podcast at home or anywhere for that matter. The podcast has topics for all grade levels and it is an exceptional ...

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