After you have played the digital game, think about how you can use these technologies and other technology applications in your own classroom.
Respond to the following in four to five explanatory paragraphs:
• Post a URL link to your chosen digital game or virtual field trip
• Give a short explanation of the technology site or application. What mathematical concepts did it teach? How did the technology present the mathematical concepts? Who is the audience (i.e. which grade level)?
• Would you recommend this specific digital game or virtual field trip to others? Why or why not?
• How would you incorporate this technology into your instruction?
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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The Labyrinth is a critical thinking virtual game experience to engage students into a series of questions and activities which develop Algebraic Thinking and related competencies. Students are challenged as they play the game to resolve issues which seamlessly develop algebraic competencies and skills. As the student progresses through the game, the task get progressively ...

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