Review the five minute video clip where Queen Elizabeth and Einstein debate the relative value of quantitative and qualitative research.
After viewing the clip, reflect on the following questions
• Which one of the types of research, quantitative or qualitative, do you find more convincing?
• How does this preference relate to your personal experiences, previous professional education and development, current work responsibilities, etc.?
• Where do you place yourself on the quantitative – qualitative continuum? Why?
Create a visual response to your reflections and the video. Your graphic organizer should describe at least three commonalities between qualitative and quantitative research and should provide at least five reasons why these research styles are different. Please attach your graphic organizer (using APA formatting as appropriate) Provide a short, written explanation to help the reader understand the visual that you have created including references to course concepts and ideas (APA formatting).

Your Research Question
Each week, you will have a chance to refine your research question or thesis statement with your instructor. To begin, click on the Journal link in the left-side panel. In your journal area, describe your initial topic and action research question or thesis statement.
• Briefly describe a research topic: What is the area you wish to investigate? This should relate to your educational context. Examples of contexts include a classroom or school, corporate training, or even one-on-one tutoring. It should relate to and describe an opportunity for improvement. It is also helpful to think in terms of strategy – an approach you believe can improve educational outcomes.
• Based on your chosen topic, write an action research question or a question that helps you explore your intended thesis focus.

Ethical Issues in Research
Locate and read an article related to a topic you may investigate via Action Research or Thesis. You will want to select an article that is primary research. Primary research is peer-reviewed, published research (typically in an academic journal) that is written by a researcher about a research project that they conducted. It presents the research background, design of the study, data collected, results or findings and conclusions of the research. Primary research can be found through the library databases. Based on your selected article, in 2-3 pages, answer the following questions related to research ethics.
• Describe the study. Is it qualitative or quantitative? What are the research question(s) and/or purpose of the study? How many participants? What type of population sample was involved?
• Describe any ethical issues in the study. For example, how is informed consent provided and how are participants’ rights protected?
• Describe researcher bias/assumptions, if they are evident.
• Describe study limitations, if they are evident.

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The research article is entitled: “Does Technology Empower Urban Youth? The Relationship of Technology Use to Self-Efficacy” and it was found in the Computer and Education Journal which provides empirical research on technology and its impact on teaching and learning. The of article record is relevant to my proposed study on the attributes and/or characteristics of an effective Mathematics Educator as technology is an instructional tool that is often utilized in the world of education to deepen content learning and understanding across all content areas. Technology is a tenet and/or attribute which is often associated with effective classroom instruction as well. So in my endeavor to seek out the attributes and/or characteristics of an effective Mathematics Educator, I would like to make an empirical inquiry as to the impact of technology in the teaching and learning process and its’ impact on student achievement, particularly as it relates to struggling and/or minority student learners. The study of...
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