Read the article: Teachers as Architects of Transformation: The Change Process of an Elementary School Teacher in a Practitioner Research Group (Vetter, 2012). Remember that you are analyzing the piece so there may be both admirable and questionable qualities to this work.
In 2-3 pages, answer the following questions.
What type of qualitative research does this article represent? Why?
What patterns or themes did the researcher discover?
How was the study credible and trustworthy?
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Be sure to use chapter 2 and chapter 10 in Understanding Education Research: A Guide to Critical Reading if you need additional help analyzing this piece.

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“Teacher as Architects of Transformation” is an exceptional qualitative study which chronicles an elementary educator who evolves in her role as a practitioner to the role of instructional leader. Grace is the name that is utilized in the research to readily identify the teacher whose journey is captured over a period of (1) year as she seeks to improve writing instruction and proficiency within her learning community. Grace does not believe that her fellow colleagues has the capacity to embrace and execute change, but with the help of her graduate peers, the theory of “positioning” and “imagining” are utilized to not only transform the...

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