Please post your research question and the main goal of your Action Research proposal. This should be a brief post of one to two paragraphs.

Answer the following questions.

What is your chosen area of focus?
Why did you choose this area?
How does it directly impact you and/or your students?
Remember, through Action Research we do not try to prove anything. Rather, we seek to understand. Your research question is critical to your Action Research proposal. Your research question must have the potential for you to take some sort of action in your setting to impact change. Be precise in how you use your words. Narrow the focus to make it practical and doable.

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My focus area is Mathematics and the use of “student-reflection” to cement and crystalize content understanding and proficiency in terms of application. I chose this area, because in the review of literature, I recognized that the topic was very prevalent in the research and in the review of the literature I also learned that “student-reflection” was very promising in the effort of increasing Math proficiency particularly in teaching difficult Math topics. Such a process when and if implemented with fidelity will increase Math performance and content understanding as evidenced by the research....
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