As you review the two examples of action research (Terrell, 1999 & Hicok, 2000), consider the pros and cons of their description of participants and demographics focused on in their research. Explore the following questions:

1. What did you see as the most helpful information that was shared to support your understanding of the participants in the study?

2. What do you wish the authors had shared with you in the piece to foster your understanding of their project?

3. What is the relationship between the nature of the population in the study and the strategy/strategies the author chose to implement?

4. What information is provided in the two papers that demonstrates the necessary ethical care and concern for the rights of the participants? How is this reflected in the methods section? Are there any oversights or issues that you wish had been addressed in the paper that were not? How would these have helped you better understand the researcher’s practices?

Answer each question in your posting. Be sure to use appropriate APA citation for your work, particularly for in text citations.

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Both of the articles provided were very dynamic research exemplars as they provided classroom practices which were of great value and rooted and grounded in research-based best practices. This is the ingredient that made both studies so difficult to separate in terms of a “better” study. The implications for teaching and learning for both of the Action Research Studies are very promising as the practice of blogging to deepen content area understanding is very potent as evidenced by the research when the process is facilitated and organized as it was in the “Blogging about Books: What we Can Learn from our Students”, article by Brittany M. Albaugh of Rowan University....

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