Navigate through the virtual timeline to survey the significant people/events that have shaped our educational system in America.

Choose four people/events listed on the timeline to research.

Develop a summary and evaluation of 750-1,000 words in which you describe their impact on the evolution of American education.

Utilize your assigned readings and the GCU e-Library to research and defend your rationale.

Copy and paste images of these events as supplements to the descriptions of the historical events. You may use images from the timeline or other images from the Internet that are in the public domain.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

A. Objectives:
1.Describe and evaluate the significance of historical and cultural forces that have shaped education. (InTASC 1, 4, 9)
2.Describe and evaluate the evolving changes in American education. (InTASC 1, 4, 9)

B. In Week Five, we looked at some of the jargon created by educators at all levels and determined their validity and significance. In Week Six, we will look at the significance of historical and cultural forces on education and evaluate how education has changed.

C. Make sure you read through all the reading material for this week, as well as, the additional recourses.

D. Assignment:

a. The assignment: “Movers and Shakers in Education” is due at the end of Week


Assignment Clarification #1: I would set your paper up thus:

I. Introduction

II. Mover and Shaker #1 (Impact on Education)

III. Mover and Shaker #2 (Impact on Education)

IV. Mover and Shaker #3 (Impact on Education)

V. Mover and Shaker #4 (Impact on Education)

VI. Conclusion

VII. Supplemental Images of Support (if not used during II-V).

VIII. Reference Page

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I. Introduction

Movers and shakers are those whose contributions have shaped education in terms of what we as a nation deem as important ingredients to the teaching and learning process. The impact of these plyers are both historical and contemporary in terms of impact. Some of the movers and shakers among the world of education are international in terms of their scope and reach as it relates to effective teaching practice. Learning Theorist are those who have provided both theory and practices which produces value-added results which have positively impacted the “world of education” in the provision of frameworks and or tenets which still impact the many and varied practices in education even in today’s classroom. The major movers and shakers that I have chosen to expound on are as follows: Piaget, Gardner, Vygotsky and Maslow.

II. Mover and Shaker #1
The works of Piaget are definitely worth mentioning, who emphasized social learning theory through the observation of others (Wolf, 2010). As asserted...

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