Using the George Mason Graduate School of Education database of Action Research Projects, select one article to read that you think will help you to make sense of the ways that others in your area of interest are implementing change into their practice. Pay particular attention to strategies that are tried and the outcomes of this work.

Post your thoughts on the strategies that were tried in the piece, reflecting on:

1. How did the author describe the strategies?
2. Were you able to envision what was tried based on how they wrote about it?
3. What else do you wish you were told to better understand the innovation?
4. What ideas could you take from here to inform your own action research project?

Be sure to include a reference for the article that you chose to read. Be sure to include a reminder for the reader of your post about why you chose to focus on this article by tying it to your research question/area of interest. This will help us all to provide you with useful feedback and comments.

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Make a Movie in Your Head: Visualization with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learning Disabled Students in the Reading Classroom

1. How did the author describe the strategies?
The author described the strategy as a comprehension strategy that needed to be taught in concert with metacognition instruction, so the learners would be aware the elements pertaining to how, when and what in terms of how learning takes form and shape. Visualization is the comprehension strategy is record and it executed by the learner consciously trying to transfer their understanding from picture to text. Consequently, increasing and deepening content understanding and comprehension. The strategy was also taught along with the other elements fo comprehensive reading instruction. Those elements are as follows: Phonological awareness and the alphabetic principle, 2) Word identification, decoding, and word study, 3) Fluency, 4) Vocabulary, and 5) Comprehension....

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