Select four of the six educational trends discussed in your text (listed below).
Describe the trends in various elementary and secondary school settings.
Discuss how you think these trends will impact the future of American education and defend your rationales.
1.An older and more diverse U.S. population
2.Increased choice and privatization of education
3.Changing role of government in education
4.High school reform
5.Increased reliance of technology in the classroom
6.Increased globalization
The content can be presented in a variety of formats, including an eBook, podcast, narrative essay, graphic organizer, PowerPoint, or other (as approved by your instructor).
APA format is required for essays only. An abstract is not required. Solid academic writing is expected for all presentation formats, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines.

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Educational Trends (8 slides)

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