Use the information below to complete the exercise that follows.
Hector is a 17-year-old senior who works hard to do well in school He belongs to the yearbook staff, works part time at a grocery store after school, and does yardwork at home on weekends. Recently, Hector has also been applying to colleges, and he finds that his busy life is taking a mental and physical toll. He is often tired, and his muscles feel tight and ache at times. Hector would like to begin a simple fitness program to alleviate the stress he feels.
Based on your knowledge of physical fitness and health, prepare a response in which you:
identify two age-appropriate fitness activities that will help Hector alleviate the stress he is experiencing;
describe how those activities should be implemented in accordance with the principles of physical conditioning (e.g., frequency, intensity, time, type, progressive overload, specificity);
explain the physiological changes that take place in the human body in response to the activities you have identified (e.g., how major muscle groups or body systems respond to physical activity); and describe the long-term health benefits that are likely to result from integrating the activities you have identified into daily life.

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Hector is currently 17 years old and he is a high school senior who is in the process of planning his post-secondary options. Going to college is at the topic of his list, however when he adds college to his list of current demands, just the thought alone overwhelms him beyond measure in accordance to his profile. At current his regiment includes: yearbook staff, his part-time job at the local grocery store, his obligations to home, the rigors of finishing high school and the preparation process for (college, career and life beyond high school). Transition...

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