1) Write an essay discussing the definition, characteristics, and causes of intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury, autism, severe disabilities, and deaf-blindness.

2) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

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Exceptionalities are many and varied in terms of manifestation as they can impact hearing, cognitive processing, sight, perception and even behavior and the spectrum can either be deficient or even above and beyond normalcy (National Council of Disability, 1994). By definition a child who has an “exceptionality(s) has some area of functioning that he or she is significantly different in as compared to what is considered and normal. Most practitioners think along the lines of deficiencies when he or she hears the term “exceptionality”, but this very broad category also includes special gifts and talents (Janet and William, 1993). Any behavior or performance outside the “normal” range is exceptional (Janet and William, 1993). In order to bring organization to the specialized field and study of “exceptionalities”, the process of labeling is often utilized. Labeling gives a distinct name and description to many and varied faces and/or manifestations of “exceptionalities”. Labeling is not a given and it gets its origins from a thorough process of screening, identification, evaluations (numerous), and observations. Although there is tons of controversy tied to labeling current laws requires the process for appropriate treatment and...

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