Read "Principles and Practices of Sociocultural Assessment: Foundations for Effective Strategies for Linguistically Diverse Classrooms." Table 1 in the article describes Concepts, Principles, and Checklist Items that can be used to evaluate assessments. Select two of the Checklist Items you think are extremely important when evaluating assessments for ELL students.

In a 500-word essay, describe those items, and defend why you believe they are of particular importance. Include research-based evidence from at least three sources to support your reasoning.

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The “culturally relevant” classroom and educator must not only have curriculum and instruction that is prescriptive to the nature and needs of the second language learner, it must also be in possession of sociocultural assessment tools which authentically assess teaching and learning as well as language acquisition simultaneously in a seamless, but progressive manner (Hulstijn, 2005). The assessment process is often taken for granted as evidenced by the research, however it is a very important process as it tells both the practitioner as well as the interested stakeholders whether or not they are hitting their target(s) in terms of content and /skill(s) being taught or whether or not language acquisition is being positively impacted. This information can be captured both qualitatively and/or quantitatively, but more importantly in a meaningful context, which is and very important prerequisite for effective second language instruction and/or assessment....

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