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Chapter 9 Tasks – Visual Aids and Technology TASK 3 – Essay INSTRUCTIONS: • Read the simplified lesson plan below. • Complete the lesson plan by: o Inserting the visual aids you would add to enhance the lesson o Writing a brief rationale for each addition o Be sure to use at least one low-tech and one high-tech visual aid § If you do not choose to use a visual aid during a given step, explain why. • Cite sources if needed. Lesson Plan Level: Advanced Adults Number of Students: 9 Language Skill: Reading Theme of unit: Animals/nature Learning Objective: Learning to write descriptively, the exercise is designed to help them use words sparingly and select words that are meaningful / vivid Activity Instructions to Students Visual Aids Stage Warm-up Does anyone know what a Haiku poem is? [Wait for students to answer] Visual aids to add: Rationale: Introduction Show some examples on the board or overhead. Examples... Students like rainbows generously cross our path Visual aid to add: Chapter 9 Tasks – Visual Aids and Technology dissolving in warmth. -Bea Lawn Freeway overpass-- Blossoms in graffiti on fog-wrapped June mornings -Michael R. Collings Silence--a strangled Telephone has forgotten That it should ring --Michael R. Collings Rationale: Presentation • Co • Co • se • Ha • syl • Co • Do Explain the following ntains nature or seasonal reference nveys a message appealing to one of 5 ses--using very few words s 3 lines read as one sentence with lables of 5-7-5 ntains contrasting elements es not always seem complete Visual aid to add: Rationale: n Chapter 9 Tasks – Visual Aids and Technology Prepare • So •At • Fo • fru • Cl • [W • sha • If • ins • nat Now it’s your turn! What should you write about? mething on your mind lately... opic that you react strongly to r example, happy, sad, funny, or strating sses, work, relationships, others....? rite some ideas on the board as students re] ou can’t think of a personal example, be pired by nature! Think of a peaceful ural setting and write about that. Visual aid to add: Rationale: Production e notes to brains cle the ideas you ectives and noun a through at least sight, smell, tast ite your Haiku- ve fun with it! I will give you 10 minutes to brainstorm ideas, and 10 minutes to write your Haiku. Then you will share with others and turn it in after you edit it, if needed. torm... like best...Think of s that describe your one of the five senses , feel, or sound Time to write! Visual aid to add: Rationale: • Tak • Cir • adj • ide •...e • Wr Ha a y Chapter 9 Tasks – Visual Aids and Technology Wrap-up Share with a classmate; make sure you can point out important characteristics of your Haiku; and edit it for spelling or vocabulary. Submit final revision at the end of class. Visual aid to add: Rationale: TASK 4 – Lesson Planning – Designing Activities around a Video Here is a short video featuring common language used in a restaurant: Review the video and explain how you would design a lesson plan around it. Describe additional visual aids you would bring to it. Complete the right-hand column of the following chart to describe your plan. The first three rows have been completed for you. Lesson plan template to complete: Level: Beginning Aim: To introduce and practice common phrases used in a restaurant Assumptions: Some previous food vocabulary acquired, such as: chicken cake fish soup appetizer vegetables spicy mild well done steak pork dessert eggs salad wine pasta ice cream salty sweet drink basic fruits and Chapter 9 Tasks – Visual Aids and Technology Materials needed (including additional visual aids). List here but also attach a photo or paste images into document so that they may be assessed. Stage Time Instructions Warm-up/ prior to presenting video (5-10 min) Instructions to students: Teacher role: Showing video (show either in stages or all at once—explain your choice and each step as appropriate) Instructions to students: Teacher role: After showing video: Instructions to students: Teacher role: Wrap-up/Review Instructions to students: Teacher role: Homework assignment (brief description)

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