Disagreements in parenting styles can be a major source of frustration for families. In order to provide consistency for children and to avoid confusing them, families should have a “united front” about important issues.
Four year old Mark lives in an extended family with his parents, his siblings, grandparents, two uncles, their wives and their children. His mother wants to teach them responsibility and to be responsible for some chores at home, but the grandparents, father and uncles disagree stating that it is the responsibility of the mother and her sister-in-laws to carry out the chores around the house.
This has caused great anxiety within the home and Mark’s mother visited the ECCE centre and is threatening to leave the home.

Assignment Description:
Read the scenario carefully and answer the following:
As an ECCE practitioner:
How would you advise the parent about coming to an agreement about this issue?
What might your conversation include?
What are some of the factors that may have led to the issues currently posed?
Describe appropriate techniques that maybe used in order to work with the family.
Include a clear plan to present to the parent.
Ensure that you refer to the rubric in the preparation of this assignment.
At least 5 sources cited using the principles and guidelines of the APA format (APA Style 6th Edition).

Assignment Checklist Details:
Word Count: 2000– 2500 (excluding References)

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The way children are nurtured largely determines the appropriateness of their behaviors in their adulthood. In some cases, the role of the extended family has been emphasized in helping children to head a better direction in the course of their lives. For instance, with the presence of grandmothers and fathers, children are allowed to understand and incorporate a culture of care in their lives. This, however, is not always the case as the Mark case scenario portrays. As such, some members of the extended family tend to have a bad influence on the children. For instance, while Mark’s mother wants the boy to embrace the art of responsibility, the grandparents, uncles, and father are a hindrance as they argue that the mother and the sisters-in-law should accomplish the mandate to perform some house chores. This demonstrates a toxic family context and might bring rise to severe problems for Mark in the future. Hence, an intervention plan has to be set up by an ECCE practitioner.

The purpose and outline of the paper
In this paper, the approach that the professional should take to promote a sustainable solution to the underlying dilemma for Mark’s family will be outlined. In particular, four essential outcomes will be covered. Foremost, the way in which the ECCE practitioner would advise the parents concerning agreeing with the other members of the extended family will be profiled, including the contents of the conversation. Secondly, the paper will document the likely factors that may have led to the issue. Ultimately, the appropriate techniques that the ECCE practitioner might use to work with the family will be established.
How the ECCE would advise the parent about agreeing about the issue and the content of the conversation
It would take a systematic process to advise the parents about agreeing on the issue facing the family. The very first step would be to enlighten the parents about the need to acknowledge the perspective of each member of the extended family. According to Denham, Eggenberger, ‎ Young, and Krumwiede (2015), each member of an extended family needs to recognize and include the needs of all the members, appreciate the contribution of every person, and respect their roles. Accomplishing these mandates, according to the scholar serves as a building block towards coordination....

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