The significance of the parent-teacher partnership within the ECCE Setting   

Assignment Description:   

Create a Classroom Newsletter that will be shared with parents. The Newsletter MUST feature the activities that will occur in your classroom for one (1) month such as classroom activities and field trips. The Newsletter MUST also represent two areas of the curriculum by inserting three (3) samples of children’s work.

The Newsletter is specific to your classroom. Those of you not employed at school is advised as follow:

1 - If doing your practical at the assignment time, use the class assigned.
2 - If your practical is after the assignment time, arrange a day to visit your assigned school to obtain the necessary information.

Assignment Instructions:   
Use a Newsletter template to create your Classroom Newsletter.
Children’s work sample should be from group activities.         
At least 4 references must be used in your Newsletter.   
Identify 2 theories of learning to support your children’s work sample choices.
Identify 2 activities where parental support will be required for improving the outdoor area.

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