Do a search online or in the library and locate information that speaks to the benefits of play as a developmentally appropriate practice. Reflect on your ideas of children’s play and respond to the following questions:

1. What role do you think play has in children’s learning and development?
2. How important do you think play is for young children while in an educational setting?
3. How will you incorporate the information you are learning on play and developmentally appropriate practice into a classroom with diverse children?
4. What would you say to a parent who says, “Play has no place in the school day. Children should be engaged in their studies!”? How would inform the parent on the benefits of play?

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Some scholars have recognized play as an essential aspect of optimal child development. It has many benefits to the learning and development of children, which are significant in ensuring a brighter future for every child. One of the benefits of play in children, especially in their learning practices, is that it boosts creativity (ECFS, 2001). Regular play enhances typically divergent thinking, which in return promotes imagination and creativity.
Additionally, play involves a lot of interactions between the children, which enables them to develop communication skills. For instance, some of the children games are based on vocal practices and others word charts....

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