Assignment Instructions

This is an individual assignment to be presented as a Word document.
The assignment consists of three questions/reflections taken from Units 2, 4 and 5. Each question involves your personal interpretation and reflection on a specific topic, which must be supported by relevant scholarly articles. Each reflection should be between 300-500 words. Please remember to:
Use a cover page.
Set up your paper in APA style (6th edition) format.
Number your answers to correspond with the questions.

Ensure that your answers are supported by citations. Use a minimum of 4 scholarly references.
Refer to the rubric when writing your assignment.
Include a suitable introduction, conclusion and reference section.
Note: Ten percent of the mark will be deducted for everyday the assignment is late.

Question 1: Unit 2

Explain the importance of oral language as it relates to early literacy development. Describe two strategies that you would use to promote the development of oral language in the early childhood classroom.

Question 2: Unit 4

There are several benefits of using children’s literature in early childhood education. Examine at least two ways in which you can integrate children’s literature across the curriculum to benefit children six to eight years.

Question 3: Unit 5

Curiosity is a key attitude for children to have as it aids in learning Early Numeracy and Scientific Thinking. As an early childhood teacher, how can you promote this in your classroom?

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Early childhood development is very important since it determines the success of a child to a larger extent. What a child learns while still young would determine and contribute largely to what the child would be when he or she grows. It is for this reason that educators as well as parents or caregivers are encouraged to give the children the opportunity to know more and develop his or her oral language, which is key to literacy development. A child’s attitude would therefore, reflect what he has been given the opportunity to explore and learn as the child grows. This paper therefore, examines the early childhood development and factors that should be considered....

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